Forensics Collection

Forensically sound data acquisition is paramount to your case. Improper collection of electronic evidence may result in spoliation of the evidence if the correct procedures are not followed and documented.

On-location Data Collection

Our experiences forensic experts can perform legally sound data collection in the most defensible way. By creating a hash value of the data before it is captured, and comparing that “digital fingerprint” against the forensic clone of the data, it is possible to tell if even one bit of data has been altered. We are commonly tasked with collections electronically stored information (ESI) from servers and network storage devices, personal computers and laptops, mobile devices and tablets, virtual machines, mail storage systems and Web-based applications.

Remote Data Collection

Page One’s remote collection software preserves or acquires data from multiple custodians at multiple locations. Page One accomplishes remote data collection by deploying a per-programmed device to each location or by deploying our web-based collection product. Both of our remote options gather the electronically stored data in a forensically sound and defensible manner. These two remote collection options save our clients time and money and allows them to meet that tight deadline, under cost. 

Mobile Device Collection & Forensics

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become part of our everyday life. We recognize the increasing demand to identify, preserve, and collect content from these devices as they relate to litigation request. Depending on the make and model of the device, Page One can defensibly acquire and analyze information such as text messages, call logs, contacts, calendar items, photographs and video files, browser history and other stored files.

Forensic Analysis & Evaluation

Our certified consultants use industry-leading software/hardware to evaluate our client’s data. Page One has a strong commitment to investing in best-in-class technology and the continued training of our staff. We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of ESI and maintaining a defensible chain-of-custody. Page One’s workflow mimics law enforcement standards and we enter every engagement with the mind-set that the ESI preserved will be used in a court of law. Forensic Evaluation Services include: affidavits and declarations; court room testimony; independent testimony on computer related issues; verify the findings of other computer forensic experts; recovery of deleted files and file fragments; assistance with internal employee investigations; preservation and collection of data from social networking sites.

Early Case Assessment

In the early case assessment and planning phases of electronic discovery, many decisions surrounding the handling and manipulation of your data are made to perform a risk-benefit analysis that will ultimately determine how you will proceed.

Early assessment of your data is critical. Leveraging technology such as conceptual clustering, content analyst, and sampling allows your team to better estimate review time and accurately predict cost. Our Early Case Assessment (ECA) will help your team quickly separate the wheat from the chaff. By visualizing e-mail domains and analyzing e-mail treads you team can quickly understand the full e-mail conversations and make higher level decisions based on relevance. Responsive document groups can easily be promoted for linear review.

Benefits Include:

  • Data Sampling based on similarity and conceptual clustering
  • First Pass Review options that promotes relevant content for linear review
  • Real time search term assessment
  • High speed ingestion and indexing of unstructured data
  • Predicative Pricing model
  • Technology Assisted Review – computer assisted review

Advanced Analytics

Page One offers multiple analytics packages to fit the budget and needs of every case. Our continued investment in the latest advanced analytical provides you workflow and review options that far out weight the competition.

Our analytics platform enables users to access visual clustering, transparent concept search, and near-dupe identification, all within one seamless interface. This collective approach delivers a navigable map of discovery material in a visual interface that is unlike anything else on the market today. The ability to combine all of these functions into a single platform – including full integration with the linear review platform - provides a uniquely valuable and effective solution for all matters, both large and small.

Benefits Include:

  • Data Sampling based on similarity and conceptual clustering
  • Technology Assisted Review – (also known as predictive coding or technology assisted review)
  • Multiple analytic engines available to fit your budget and needs
  • Data organization and grouping based on concepts
  • Predicative Pricing model

Concept Search

The Concept Search function mimics the way people think: by topics or concepts, versus keywords. Concept Search can use a phrase, an entire sentence, or even a document to find other information that is conceptually similar.  Because queries are natural language, even cut and pasted from actual documents, searching is faster and accuracy increases several fold.

Concept-based Categorization

In this process documents are grouped based on content, whether or not the same words are used to describe the same topics or concepts.  This accelerates and lowers the cost of legal review, streamlines enterprise content management, and sorts through social media content.

Dynamic Clustering

You can now quickly organize information in a logical fashion based on what it’s about, not the words in it, so your researchers and reviewers can narrow-in on only the information that is relevant to them.

Email Threading

This approach provides a number of email features, including thread identification, metadata tracking, segment analysis, and tracking statistics. It can even identify gaps where emails should be, but are missing from a string or collection. Email threading can identify not only who is communicating, but also what they are communicating about, and if there are other similar email strings within communications.

Document Summarization

Summarization identifies what a document is about from its content, versus titles and author-provided summaries, which are often misleading.  Our analytic engine uses its own notions of concepts to evaluate an entire document, sentence-by-sentence, and find the sentences that are most relevant to the overall gist of the document. It then organizes these sentences into a summary form.

Online Review

Our secure online workspace can be customized to meet the matter-specific demands for document review with flexible subject matter build out. Providing the necessary tools for project organization, you are able to setup and define customized folders, datasets and user groups based on subject matter, review groups, hot docs, search results, or production sets.

The design philosophy is fast, simple and secure. It is a web-based model that enables rapid deployment, scalability and cost control. The MS Outlook look and feel provides a familiar foldering hierarchy interface, ensuring ease-of-use and eliminating the need for time consuming training and support.

Customized Workspace

Online database hosting is provided through a Web-based application designed for online access via Internet Explorer. Our highly customizable environment is coupled with many add-on applications, providing end user functionality such as; Tiff generation, use of analytics, and custom reporting.

Software Security

Our review software incorporates a wide range of authentication protocols to support popular authentication schemes. Using this authentication system, strong passwords are required, and a login mechanism locks out users after a number of failed attempts to access the system. Our environment is also certified RSA Secured to provide Two-Factor Authentication. We also support trusted IPs, wherein an administrator can restrict users to accessing only from a list of trusted IP addresses. Support of client-side certificates further enforces digital user verification, since these certificates are bound to individual users (in conjunction with user name and password). Your workspace can be configured for proxy server support to work only with networks that authenticate users through proxy servers. Data can be accessed offline using Our Binder App – an iPad application designed for offline use – and all modifications/changes are synched with the main database when an online connection is available.


Standard search functionality is provided by dtSearch, an industry standard platform for keyword and Boolean searches. It includes features such as wildcard searching, stemming, keyword expansion, fuzzy search, proximity searches and connectors such as AND, OR and NOT. Additional functionality – including near duplicate recognition, email threading, concept search, concept clustering, categorization and “predictive coding” - is provided by our Analytics Engine .


Page One’s Software offering is widely recognized as a leader of enhanced functionality when it comes to document review. The reviewer interface is highly customizable, as is the workflow associated with managing large-scale document review. Multiple views of the documents are available (including native file view, tiff images, production versions and plain text) and the user experience can be customized to drive efficient workflow using custom coding layouts, extraordinary tagging options and “forced” workflow that ensures that all reviewers are consistent in their document review. Basic features such as printing, navigation, collaboration and granular security form the foundation of the more advanced features that our users have become accustomed to.

Technology Assisted Review

Technology Assisted Review is the flexible and transparent computer-assisted review workflow—also known as predictive coding or technology-assisted review. By amplifying human expertise with powerful technology, Assisted Review serves as a better way to review large volumes of electronic information, reduces risk and cost, and is more accurate than traditional review methods.

Electronic Discovery

In today’s litigation environment, avoiding electronic documents is no longer an option. In the past few years, electronic discovery has gone from an idea to a reality. Consider the following:

  • There are over 100 billion email messages sent per day
  • 80 to 90 percent of all corporate data is now stored electronically
  • 93 percent of all new information is being created in an electronic format

Additionally, with landmark rulings like Zubalake v. USB Warburg and Coleman v. Morgan Stanley, as well as increased regulatory scrutiny, the risks have never been greater for your firm to ensure the proper handling of electronic materials in the discovery process. At Page One, we are committed to handling your data with a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Data Analysis

For virtually any media type, Page One will perform an analysis of the contents of that media before any data conversion if performed. Our analysis will determine the size, type, and quantity of the files either before or after extraction. This powerful tool enables our clients to better budget, plan, and manage the scope of their electronic discovery projects.

Indexing & Culling

Page One offers an array of filter and culling services designed to turn large, unmanageable, data sets into smaller, manageable ones by eliminating unnecessary review of non-responsive documents. Our culling services include any one, or any combination, of the following techniques:


Identification of redundant documents and e-mails by analyzing the files on the bit level, ensuring that only “unique” documents are delivered to the legal team for review. Our capabilities include de-duplication across an entire data collection or across an individual custodian’s data collection.

Full Text Searching

Page One can reduce a data set by using a variety of keywords, phrases, or other methods provided to us by our client. We utilize the most robust variations of Full Text searching found in the industry, through a variety of options, based on natural language (words and phrases), Boolean operator use (NOT, AND, OR, and W/N), as well as special character use. Our team of experienced consultants will advise you on how best to craft your search terms to optimize your results.

Date & Time Selection

The option of reducing a data set by narrowing time frames can eliminate data for unnecessary time periods. For example, if a client has e-mail archives that contain data from 3 years prior to the present day, and the relevant time period is only the past 2 months, we can reduce the data set to just those 2 months, thus reducing the amount of data that must be reviewed.

File Extension & Sizes

Page One can produce only certain file extensions. For example, if a client thinks that it is only necessary to process MS Excel files, then Page One can reduce an entire data set down to just one file type (or just three file types, etc.). Conversely, it can exclude given file types that are not relevant. In addition, we can also specify size limitations for each file extension.

Sender/Recipient Selection

For e-mail processing, clients can reduce a data set by selecting only certain users to be processed. Clients can tag individual users, so that Page One can then process this reduced data set. Clients can search metadata records in To, From, CC, BCC, Contact, and Sent On Behalf Of e-mail fields by specific name(s).

Data Processing & Preparation for Review

Page One bundles output data in any combination of images, extracted text, PDF files, metadata and/or native files, creating a customized load file that enables clients to seamlessly integrate information into review tools, document management systems, or print that information to paper. We will customize our output to meet the requirements of any review system that our client is using for the project.

Litigation Support & Other Services

The importance of traditional reprographics should not be forgotten as an effective tool that can help make a good impression. Page One offers a wide range of traditional print-based services that contribute to that end. Our litigation support service centers focus on results and deliverables, ensuring that your reprographics projects are completed accurately, on time and on budget. We offer a comprehensive list of services to help with your current document needs, including:

  • Litigation Photocopying
  • High-Volume Color Copies
  • Binding Services
  • Bates Labeling
  • Demonstrative Trial Exhibits
  • Mail-Outs Services
  • Blueprint/Survey Copying
  • CD/DVD/Video/Audio Duplicating
  • Satellite/On-Site Document Productions
  • Page for Page Quality Control

National Coverage

Page One is affiliated with the largest independent network of litigation document support companies in the world. Our network has expanded with current service capabilities in over 200 cities both domestically and overseas.

Best of Class in Every Market

Our lead affiliates in each market have been selected based on the quality of their output and customer feedback. This is a very fragmented industry, so there is no single company that has a geographic presence in even one-third of the markets we serve. Our goal is to get the best possible service and quality wherAnalytics ever the project takes place. This enables us to hand select our lead affiliates in each market. When it comes down to it, our goal is the same as yours – to get the best possible service and quality wherever the project takes place.

Redundant Support Provided In All Major Markets

Not only will we provide you with a lead affiliate, but you will also have the option for an alternative affiliate vendor. If a situation develops where quality or turnaround time becomes an issue, the client can choose the alternative affiliate to better service the client’s needs. It’s like having the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – the great service and motivation that comes with healthy competition, and the cost and control benefits that come with a standardized national agreement.

Document Scanning (On & Off Site)

At Page One, our high speed scanners capture images of black and white or color hard copy documents with exceptional precision. Simultaneously, data such as the document number, folder descriptions, document unitization and more can be captured using prep sheets designed to client specifications for each project. Our standard deliverable includes load files for all of the major document database programs. Alternative, we can promote scanned images to our Online Review environment for your team’s secure access. This option allow you to search the text of each document and code or index the documents to help you find the important information that you are looking for, quickly and accurately.

Page One offers on-location mobile scanning for highly confidential matters. We also offer large volume fulfillment in one of our secure facilities. Page-by-page quality control on every project undertaken by Page One has helped define new industry-wide standards for high quality work.